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Tips for Hentai ~ SimGirls (beta)

2007-08-19 14:07:11 by RagnarTheRaider

OK, so I played SimGirls again for like the fiftieth time this morning and still not tired of it, that's speaks well for the depth of this game. Anyway, thought I'd post my strategy for this game.

1) Put all your starting stats into Intelligence (no matter your character type). Reason, intelligence takes the most time to build up and you want the bonuses from getting a scholarship.

2) Forget all other means of making coin and focus entirely on promoting models. When the story begins the only girl you can promote is Ami, unfortunately she has the lowest popularity. Solution, take the top option "Photo" 3 times--granted it will only earn you $30 each time but trust me it will be worth it--that should build her popularity up enough you can put her on the "Catwalk", do that a couple of times and you can move her to "Magazine Cover" for a couple of days then on to "Swimsuit" ads and so on and so forth until you are making $2000 a pop for "Skin Care Ads". Oh and in cases where you have 3 choices that all pay the same always select the bottom one because that one gives the most popularity points.

3) Invest in you girls, Ami needs a lot of work but since she's making you money no reason not to return the favor. I usually start her off in modeling school but it really doesn't matter which of the top 3 you choose she needs them all. Keep an eye on their progress, when a girl is maxed out on a stat move her into a different course.

4) Invest in yourself, keep studying until you have at least 80 intelligence before day 20, then go with Ami to study on day 20 and you will get 20 more points of intelligence and a nice boost of around 270 relationship points with Ami. Soon as you hit 80 intelligence hit the gym, go until you max out at 200 and you can easily win the swimming competition on day 27. A little strategic advice, Swim in normal mode until you reach the red line in the pool then quickly drink a coffee and hold down the "H" key and you should win easily, you get a silver cup (that is useful later) and a nice boost to all relationships.

5) Sundays are for Ami, well at least 5 of them are, typically I work on the first Sunday just to get Ami's popularity built up then the second Sunday I show up at her place with 20 cans of coffee (remember to buy this before you go see her otherwise you won't have the endurance to complete the task that day). 1st Sunday: 20 cans of coffee, 2nd Sunday: 20 hankies, 3rd Sunday 20 flowers, 4th Sunday: 10 pill bottles, 5th Sunday: 10 diamond rings. Congratulations you've just built a time machine! When you leave Ami's you will have 40 endurance points left over, go to the Pub and hire a hooker 2 times and enjoy the show while making a few charm points. Once the time machine is finished I usually spend all the following Sundays promoting my girls.

6) Winning hearts and minds: Don't date or even talk to Tomoko or Kotomi until after day 50, you should be focusing on building up your stats and bank account first and only talk to Ami on Sundays. When you go to events such as Kof Cosplay, Car Show, Underwear Day or whatever vote for whomever you want, as far as I can tell it doesn't make much difference in the grand scheme of things, I usually spread my vote around so each girl gets some recognition and I buy each of their undies for $200 (the max). By day 50 you should have 200 strength 180 intelligence and around 100 charm and somewhere in the neighborhood of $15000 saved up. Now take that money and buy 10 rings a couple of teddy bears and flowers and get to courting. Go chat with each girl till you get their number--if you've have won the schollarship and the swimming competition and have around a 100 charm this should be no problem, probably even get them to tell you their birthday--then start showering them with gifts until they are around 1000 relationship points and they will easy pickings once you go on a date. I prefer to date Tomoko first simply becuase she has the most dating options (6 total), of course it doesn't matter because which ever girl you choose you most likely won't get to kiss them the first date, I've had their bar completely full and still had them rebuff my advance so until they blush don't even try to lay a lip-lock on them.

7) Dating made easy: IMPORTANT: Write down everything a girl tells you about herself especially important is recording the day you first kiss a girl! I'll say it again, the moment you leave you first successful date (you kissed), WRITE DOWN THE DAY! Why? Because they will ask you at a most critical moment "do you remember our first kiss?" and if you don't know you are screwed. That said, here are the steps of dating: Number 1) Take a look at their little status pic; Are they crying or sad? Use a hankie on them. Are they sleeping? Use a coffee on them. Do they look half-dead? Use health pills on them. Are they just fine? Use nothing and move on to the next step. Number 2) Talk to them and give them a gift I can't tell if it makes a difference in which order but be prepared to answer all thier questions correctly and give an appropriate gift (if you don't know which gift would be best give them a ring). Number 3) If you have answered all questions correctly and given them a gift they liked their bar should be about 75% or more full so take their photo. Number 4) If they are blushing and ONLY if they are blushing then kiss them. Number 5) Leave the date, if you kissed her she will give you a gift and be prepared to fight because about 75% of the time some hooligans will grab your girl and you have to beat one of them up to get her back, win and you get 420 relationship points, don't know what happens if you loose but it can't be good. Anyway, those are the steps to a successful date and don't be disappointed if you don't get to kiss on your first date but be worried if you don't on subsequent dates.

8) Exploiting the Save: Always save before a date, a fight, a swim meet etc. It's common sense but I go one step further, I save at the end of each day, it only takes a few seconds and can save you a lot of heartache if you screw up somehow. Now as for exploiting the save feature. Want to have all the answers for a girl when you date her? Easy, save game, talk to girl until you are out of endurance then reload the game and rinse and repeat. Same thing for a dating, fighting and competeing, if you screw up somewhere simply reload and try again. Also this offers the potential to up your stats and relationship points with Ami, unlike the other girls she won't tell you what day she will go out so you have to keep reloading until you hit the right day. When you do go on a date with her you won't talk to her or give her gifts or any of that stuff, you simply get a relationship boost of around 270 and depending on where you took her a bonus to you intelligence or charm. This is where you could exploit the game, since dating Ami increases a stat for only 20 endurance cost you could in theory build up your stats just dating her but it's kind of a pain in the butt to keep reloading the game until you figure out what day she will go out with you, still it can be done.

9) Fighting basics: You have to do a fair amount of fighting in this game so save your game and go to the pub and duke it out till you figure out what strategy works best for you because eventually you'll have to beat the Blood King to get the Golden Belt, have to defend you girl and most likely have to fight the rich kid at school when he tries to hone in on your girl(s), don't recall his name but he's pretty tough an moves around a lot so he's harder to hit. Anyway, max out your strength before you fight anyone then buy at least 40 bottles of pills and a dozen coffees. What works best for me is this; I use the "A" key to deliver blows to the enemy's upper body until I'm around 25% health (I never block because I didn't notice any benefit from doing so) then I hit the "X" key while aiming at the enemy's legs so I knock them down then I quickly use 2 or 3 pills depending on how bad I'm hurt and drink a coffee if needed and start duking it out again when they stand up, keep doing this until you win. Once in a while you'll knock your opponent down with a combination, when this happens take the opportunity to replenish your health and power as needed.

10) Bonuses: Once a girl becomes your girlfriend you can go visit her and "play" with her, with Tomoko this means a mini dress up game and with Kotomi you get to tickle her with a feather--hope you don't mind a girl farting in your face? Playing the mini game with Tomoko can be costly or profitable depending on how good you are but as far as I can tell playing with Kotomi is only good for a laugh. Once you get either or both these girls over 10000 relationship points you can close the deal with them, when you ask them if they "want to do something H?" But be prepared to give a good gift (ring) and answer all questions correctly including the day you first kissed and you'll become lovers. Unfortunately all you get is a message that you became lovers and you won't be able to take them on any more dates or give any more gifts. Still all is not lost, if you collect all the items from going on dates and winning competitions and Sim Man's secretary, Sana will give you all sorts of goodies including her self (here you do get a visual, 3 in fact), plus 3 or those items allow you to raise your stats to 300 each. And don't forget Karin, she may be out of sight (in your basement) but she shouldn't be out of you thoughts, make sure you visit her each and every day and give her a coffee and a hankie so she stays healthy and clean, if you forget about her things get pretty ugly in a hurry. Anyway, take good care of her and she'll eventually be taking real good care of you (her play option gives a bit of hentai). Personally I wish you could date her since I think she's the hottest girl in the game, oh well...

10) Maxing Out: If you use these strategies you can end the game (day 98 for all intents and purposes) with all 4 girls maxed out on their stats, your own stats maxed out at 300 each, 4 lovers (Kotomi, Tomoko, Karin and Sana), ironically Ami will remain out of your reach. It's also possible to earn Kotomi, Ami, Karin and Tomoko a popularity rating in excess of 10000 and have each of them with a relationship score exceeding 10000 (Love), with Karin you can only do this by giving her dozens of gifts as you seem to stop earning relationship points with her once she becomes your maid.

Hope these tips help.

Oh, and if you haven't already done so, write a positive review for Sim-Man and cast your vote, I'd recommend a 5 but it's up to you.


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2009-04-13 06:04:30

Wow, thanks! It helped a lot!


2009-11-30 00:05:51

testbug for name.
that is all.